Our Purpose, Process and your Payoff …

Carefully crafted elements come together into one amazing service.

Guaranteed to save you Time, Stress and Money in doing it yourself!

  • Research

    Get to know you : Understand your goals & objectives
    for the Investment Property
    What is your "why" you want to secure investment property

  • Your Goals

    Have you spoken to a Financial Planner, Accountant or Mortgage Broker
    What have they shared with you .. what is your current thinking

  • The Property

    What type of property are you wanting to invest in
    House, Townhouse or Apartment
    Existing Property
    or Off the Plan

  • Gearing

    How much can you borrow and ...
    Do you want to be
    Cash Flow Negative
    or Cash Flow Positive
    whilst building your Wealth

  • Time Frame

    When do you want to have
    or the property to be completed
    to fit in with your financial planning goals

  • Location

    Location is an all important aspect
    What locations do you not want to be in
    Where do you want to own your investment property

  • Market Research

    We undertake our own Market Research
    ensuring our due diligence stacks up to meet your own requirements

  • Your Role

    Present a selection of properties which best fit your 'why"
    Provide you with reports & market information
    Invite you to undertake your own due diligence
    Come to an Informed Decision

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