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Effectively using the Power of Leverage !

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SMSF Property

by properT network

an Australian Company

Find SMSF Property

Professional, Boutique, Personable Investment Property Consultants ... putting YOU first!

Working with you to help you source quality Investment Grade Property, to suit SMSF Investment Strategies.

Educating you for the purposes of you making an Informed Decision, choosing an astute investment grade property, to match your goals and purpose for the SMSF investment.

High Yield Investment Property for Super
SMSF Property

Advantages & Benefits of Setting up a SMSF and acquiring Investment Property in Super

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Investment Property Type

A small percentage of Property suit a Self Managed Super Fund

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Why Leverage (borrow funds) to Invest makes sense

Maximise your Investment Potential, borrowing up to 80% to increase the investment potential of your SMSF

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SMSF Investment Property

Australia wide

tell us why, where & what you want to invest in ...

Always "Personalised and Professional"

Whether you need to further understand how investment property works in a SMSF, or what type of property best suits a Self Managed Super Fund, we are confident that you and your family will be impressed with the education and the results you can achieve.

Why a SMSF and Why Investment Property?

CONTROL; CHOICE; LEVERAGE to give you more at retirement.

Why a SMSF and Why Investment Property?

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Compound your Super Fund Returns through the Power of Leverage

SMSF Loans

SMSF Property

If you love property, here is another reason to get excited!

SMSF Loans

Borrowing to acquire property using your self-managed superannuation entitlements is possible, but can be restrictive up until recent positive changes.

However, this financial strategy been supported with revised legislation that will now enable super investors to plan for the future, with greater confidence, by having choice and control of what you prefer to invest in, and managing your costs in doing so.

“As consumers we borrow : to buy our home, finance a car, invest in shares and property, and we can now also borrow to acquire residential, commercial or industrial property, within our self-managed super funds”.

”The Power of Leverage … why would you borrow to invest in property with super?”

Leverage is using other peoples money when you are investing.

How this can positively impact your investment is, by way of example :

  • Property $650,000
  • 20% deposit $130,000 invested
  • Capital Growth @ 5% pa = is on the full value of $650,000
  • Rent Achieved is also on the full value of the $650,000
  • After 10 years your capital growth value of the investment at 5% pa compounded could be $1,058,782
  • And 10 years of Rent at only 1.5% CPI increases could be around $308,230
  • And all you have really invested (aside from the loan), is $130k
  • Logically, the rental income over just 5 years, will return your SMSF your original $135k deposit. Meaning your SMSF now owns an Investment Vehicle for *free

Is this good or good!  This is the power of Leverage.


*simplistic helicopter example provided to merely outline the financial power of Leverage + Compounding Returns



We recommend that you ask your financial planner/accountant, to discuss the available tax benefits to be gained by choosing to invest in property with your self-managed super fund capital. Such as:

  • Capital gains tax
  • Rental income tax
  • Salary sacrifice tax
  • Superannuation pension tax
  • Writing off Depreciation against Super Contributions

Benefits of Investing in Property in your Self Managed Super Fund


Undoubtedly the greatest tax benefit associated with investing in property within a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF), is the potential Capital Gains tax Concession on capital growth.

As per the ATO web site : “If the property is sold while in accumulation phase after being held for more than 12 months, a 10 per cent tax rate applies. However, if that same property is sold after the super fund has converted to pension phase (in retirement), zero per cent tax applies.”

The longer you hold the property, the greater the likely capital gain, and the larger the tax benefit. It doesn’t make cents, it makes dollars!


Rental income on properties owned by your super fund is also concessionally taxed. Another fantastic financial gain within your super. As with capital gains tax, in the pension phase, no tax will apply to rental investment income, and a flat 15 per cent will apply in accumulation phase. This is also extremely favorable when comparing neutrally or positively geared property, with rental income taxed up to 46.5 per cent, for property held in an individual’s name. This is not advice, ask your accountant/financial planner to explain.


The Australian Tax Office allows individuals to make pre-tax salary-sacrifice contributions into super, paying 15 per cent contributions tax in super, whilst saving marginal tax in their own name. Which again could be up to 46.5 per cent. More after-tax dollars to invest, results in greater wealth being accumulated by you, and/or more personal debt to be repaid.

You may not be aware, that at age 55, workers (employees or the self-employed) can establish a “transition-to retirement, account-based pension”.


Your financial planner/accountant will explain how you can take advantage of this legislation and how Superannuation pension payments can be received, while working full-time or part-time. The benefits are twofold. First, in pension phase, as stated above, investments will be capital gains and rental income tax free. Secondly, pension payments made from super to an individual are also concessionally taxed and will  be tax free from age 60.


Therefore, the typical transition-to-retirement financial strategy involves swapping higher taxed salary income, with lower taxed pension income, thereby allowing additional salary-sacrificed super contributions to be made.

"How can this investment opportunity be exploited, when investing in Property using a SMSF, you may ask?"


While the rules and regulations of borrowing, to acquire property in super have been revised, they are still complex and the costs of incorrect structuring and management can be harsh.


Here are some facts associated with taking advantage of the superannuation borrowing rules, known as “limited recourse borrowing arrangements” we found online and can share with you.


Your accountant or financial planner will better advise you :  The Self Managed Super Fund needs to establish a new trust, if your SMSF will borrow funds to secure the asset. The name of this trust typically is known as a bare trust, custodian trust or security trust.


NB! Where there is borrowings, in order to avoid potential financial consequences of double stamp duties and non-compliance of the super fund etc, it is advised that superannuation structural planning is conducted, and that specialist financial guidance is sought, before property contracts are entered into and signed.


Despite the additional work and planning requirements involved in taking advantage of limited recourse borrowing arrangements within SMSF’s, the tax benefits associated with the strategy of potentially ending up with an "Income Tax plus a Capital Gains", tax-free property, making retirement all worthwhile!


Ask your accountant or financial planner to prepare a Statement of Advice on your behalf, share it with us and we will provide you with a selection of properties that could ‘best fit’ the guidelines in your statement of advice, we will also provide you with industry reports on why these properties could suit and ask that you make an informed decision prior to entering a contract of sale.


The properties which we select are purposefully matched to your reason for the investment, your requirements, preferred investment strategy and in line with your budget. The property we access is Australia wide.


Our strategy is to match the "investment vehicle' to your goals and purpose for the investment, removing emotion, ensuring the numbers which drive and underpin your investment stack up accordingly. Our 16 years experience as property consultants (plus 15 year prior experience as financial planners), compounded with your 24/7 market research allows us to identify which areas, what type of properties would 'best fit' your strategy and budget. 

"Live the life you deserve and want for yourself, through astute property investment plus a tax efficient retirement strategy to guarantee you more money in your own pocket at retirement!"

Retirement in a ball


Live the Life you want and deserve for yourself.

Ask : "How much do I need to be able to retire in the lifestyle I want for me and my family ?"


Being prepared for your own Retirement is an ongoing commitment

which will have a financial effect on your next, and next, generations to come.

Commit to yourself and start Today !

"It's never too late to start saving."



The power of Compound Interest


  • The earlier you start saving for retirement the easier and more effective it becomes
  • It is never too late to start, each dollar extra that you create for your retirement will positively impact your retirement lifestyle you want and deserve for yourself.



Take advantage of  the power :


  1. Compound Interest - phenomenal factor
  2. Leverage - borrow from the bank to accelerate your own wealth planning or even lend your own money to your SMSF



"Harness the POWER of compounding interest and leverage ..."


Planning for Retirement


Planning for your Retirement begins with ...

    • Setting your preferred retirement age (ie. 65)
  • Working out how many years from now it is?
  • Scaring yourself into reality by multiplying this number by 12
      • i.e. 24 years to retirement x 12 months = 288 pay cheque's away from retirement !!!



  • Calculate how much in today’s money would you want to live on in 288 pay days time
    • Example:  If you decide you can live on $5,000 per month at retirement in today's money

        • You would need a lump sum of $1.200, 000 to generate you $60k per annum
        • Put in a buffer for inflation and plan to save $1.5 mil


  • Next calculate how much you need to invest every month in order to save $1.5 mil at your planned retirement age
    • i.e. If that is 288 pay days away you would need to save $2,800 every month in After Tax Dollars
        • Is that at all possible?  DOUBT IT !


How much do I need at Retirement"How many PAYDAYS do you have left until the day you plan to retire !??!"


Investment Property


A time tested Investment Vehicle, to help you accelerate your financial planning goals, includes securing Investment Property, taking advantage of Leverage (using the banks money), having the tenant and tax man help your SMSF pay off the property, and thus build your retirement wealth.


Who Pays?


  • You invest your Deposit (20% – 30%) as your contribution
  • The bank lend you the balance (70% – 80%) to leverage your Retirement Planning
  • Your tenant pays you rent and helps contribute towards your retirement
  • Capital Growth is on the full 100% of the asset (the property) even though you only invested say 20%


"Use your Bank and your Tenant to help pay off a large slice of your own Retirement Planning Goals!"


SMSF Property InvestmentProperty in Australian Capital Cities has doubled in value every 7 - 10 years
Property in general, has doubled in value in Australia, every 7y to 10 years, enhancing your retirement planning strategy.

Capital Growth

Property in general, has doubled in value in Australia, every 7y to 10 years, enhancing your retirement planning strategy.

It's all about You

It's all about You

Retirement Plan

properT network is a Boutique Agency. We work flexibly with our clients like you

to fulfill your needs, which can range from understanding who you are, what you are wanting to achieve and working with you to help you get there faster by making informed and astute Investment decisions!

We have over 20 years of consultancy experience in this area of business and we strive to achieve the

following: develop, empower, enable and maintain. Your success is our goal.

Property to suit your preferred investment strategy Australia wide. Where do you want to invest?

Direct Property Investment?
Residential Property?
Commercial Property?
Invest short term into development projects?

Where are you now and where do you want to be? What do you want and by when? Knowing you better will allow us to provide Customised Solutions to match your own goals and preferred investment strategy

SMSF Property Consultants

Share your goals and preferred investment strategy, we will effectively match you to best fit selection of property to suit

Financial Planner



Mortgage Broker

Rental Manager

Provide you with a selection of properties which best fit, sufficient market information and reports as to why. Undertake your own research - if your due diligence ties in with ours make an informed committed investment decision

Like what you see? Check out more with the click of a button and let us know what you think: 

Single Contract SMSF Property

One Contract Property

"Not all property suit SMSF's, do you know which to avoid?"

Single Contract SMSF Compliant Property

When wanting to invest in a property using your SMSF and use borrowings – one may not enter into a two part contract where you buy the land and improve on the residential property. Meaning your choice of what to invest in using your SMSF have always been limited.

In steps "One Contract Property" (OCP), who sign the contracts with the land provider and the builder and enter into a single contract with you / your SMSF to provide you with a completed single contract property once built.

This is an amazing initiative allowing us to offer you the investor an incredible choice of what to invest in that could maximise your ROI for the SMSF.

Previously we would have to source a builder who was prepared to do this, and if we were lucky to find one they usually charged around $30k or so for the privilege.

 Today we have the likes of a professional and reputable firm called One Contract Property which eliminates the need to find that rare builder who might do this if they had capacity. Builders today are exceptionally busy and avoid doing this for clients as it impacts their cash flow dramatically.

OCP deserve every cent they charge your SMSF and more, for coming up with this incredible initiative which also is compliant and acceptable under SMSF rules.

If you are wanting to secure a new build whilst having an incredible choice of location, reach out to us for further discussion and if you qualify we will comfortably refer you onto OCP.

By the way, they also have access to a lender who does not have the onerous hoops a bank makes you jump through when trying to secure finance for your SMSF. And they understand the value of the property and will tend not to under value it as banks tend to do.

We can even help you access SDA Property under the NDIS for your SMSF. Incredibly high yields, ideally suited to super, outperform any other residential property yield wise, allowing you to amass more wealth in your super than you could achieve through other property. See more here and ask us here for more info.

Steps and Process

Investor requests single contract complient investment for SMSF

  • Require 35% deposit on hand
  • Have the SMSF and Bare Trust established
  • Have funds in SMSF
  • And be financially qualified to borrow to invest in the property


Selection of the Investment Grade Property

  • Find the opportunity that 'best fits' your purpose and investment strategy aligned to your budget
  • Price it to include Single Contract fees we will gather from the calculator
    • Entering both Land and Build Price into calculator to determine outcome
  • Client selects any upgrades or variations where required
    • We will enter these added fees into calculator
  • From which we will establish final single contract price
  • On agreeing, you our client proceeds to next step


Introduction to One Contract Property

  • We will refer you directly to OCP
  • After further discussion, you agree to work with OCP and submit your $5k and Expression of Interest
  • OCP then pays the EOI for the land chosen by you our client
  • They receive the land Contract
  • They receive the Build Contract
  • Then issue a Single Part Contract to you our client



  • You enter into an unconditional single part contract with OCP
  • Pay the balance of 35% deposit to OCP
  • You then supply confirmation from your external financier for 65% balance of funds to complete


One Contract Property

  • Settles purchase of the land
  • Enters Build Contract and pays 5% build deposit to builder
  • Normal build process commences
  • Progress payments made to builder as per building terms of the contract by OCP



  • Call for Final Inspection and Handover to you / your SMSF
  • One Contract Property pays final draw down to Builder
  • Your external finance releases balance of 65% of funds to OCP
  • Standard warranties transferred to client from the Builder
  • You may then be able to refinance the loan back up to 80% LVR

OCP initiates a program to ensure you the investor has a wider choice of property to invest in, using your SMSF, by turning any house and land opportunity into a Single Contract, which remains compliant in terms of SMSF investment rules around residential property. They achieve this by stepping in between your SMSF and the House and Land Contracts as explained above.



Advantages of New Property

A new property attracts a higher rental income, compared to an older one. Being new, you have very low maintenance and access to full depreciation benefits. Capital growth potential will be the same as the established home next door. Meaning the numbers for a new property over an already built second hand property, over the life of your investment will return you a higher Return on Investment compared to a second hand property.







What is the budget for your investment property in your Super?
List the preferred location(s) if you have and other requirements you have for the investment. Please be as detailed and specific as possible to allow us to further understand your investment goals, purpose and objectives.

NOT ALL investment properties are suitable to SMSF's

FACT : a very small percentage of properties are suitable to be an effective SMSF investment strategy.

The difference to you at retirement by getting it wrong could be hundreds of thousands of $'s

Did you know ...


As a Trustee of your Self-Managed Super Fund, you are held accountable for the selection of the asset, and ultimately the performance of your SMSF.

What this means to you is that selecting the 'best fit' property to suit your SMSF is imperative, and also vital to the long term outcome of your retirement planning.

It could be a difference of $1 Million Dollars at retirement to you! How would another $1 000,000 in your super positively change your lifestyle at retirement?

Selecting a property which does not suit SMSF investment requirements, could result in you putting your Self Managed Super Fund into jeopardy, and thus you the Trustee will be held accountable and liable for a highly punitive fine plus a lower amount in your super at retirement.

Numbers which run and underpin your investment may look like the table below the explanation

(for demonstration purposes only)

New or Off the Plan Property could  :

  • Include Low Stamp duties (in most States)
  •  No need to spend money fixing up to rent
  • Higher upfront rent
  • Higher rental income achieved and compounded, over the life of the investment
  • Higher Capital Growth over period of ownership
    • Compound growth off a larger base
  • Lower ongoing maintenance
  • Builder guarantees and warranties
  • Full depreciation benefits
  • Lower Cash Flow required to fund the investment in your SMSF, means higher end value at retirement for you

Existing Property could :

  • Include Full Stamp Duties
  • Expense to cosmetically fix up to be able to rent it out
  • Lower rent compared to the new home next door
  • Lower rent compounded over the life of the investment, means less capital at retirement in your SMSF
  • Lower capital growth off a lower capital value equates to less equity at retirement
  • Higher ongoing maintenance costs, eat into your rental income
  • Low to no depreciation benefits ensures you pay more income tax
  • More cash required to fund the property every month, means a lower retirement value for you at retirement

NB :  Results of New Property could be

  • 13.64% Return on Investment
  • -$37 per week cash flow negative in year 1
  • $3,862 Cash Flow Positive over 10 years
  • $409,530 Equity in year 10 at 5% capital growth
    • $67,827 higher

New Property Financials for Demonstration Purposes only 

Note : higher rent, lower stamp duty, lower maintenance, higher return on investment, less cash needed to fund investment on a monthly basis, higher compounded capital growth


SMSF Property Financials

Cash Flow Over 10 years could be $3,862 positive

SMSF Property Cash Flow Scenario

NB :  Results of Existing Property could be

  • 10.52% Return on Investment
  • -$87 per week cash flow negative in year 1
  • -$30,881 Cash Flow Positive over 10 years
  • $341,703 Equity in year 10 at 5% capital growth
    • -$67,827 lower

Existing and lower priced Property

Note : lower rent, higher stamp duty, cosmetic upgrade costs, higher maintenance, lower return on investment, more cash needed to fund investment on a monthly basis, lower compounded capital growth

SMSF Property

Cash flow over 10 years could be -$30,881

SMSF Property Financials

All numbers shared across this website are for demonstration purposes only and will alter according to market conditions, the investment vehicle and other factors which will affect your investment. We are not financial planners and are not offering any financial advice, merely sharing investment logic with you. For advice, speak to your accountant or industry professional. See disclaimer for more.

SMSF Property Options

SMSF Single Contract Property

"properT network have over 16 years industry experience, with providers and suppliers, of quality Investment Grade Residential Property, Australia wide, at your disposal. What this means to you is that we will guarantee to save you time and help you make more money when you use our services."

SMSF Property

SMSF Property Strategy


Property Categories

House and Land  -  Townhouses  -   Townhomes  -  Terrace  -  Duplex Homes  -  Dual Key Homes  -  Units  -  Apartments - NDIS Property - SDA Property, SIL Homes ... new and off the plan

"We guarantee to save you time, stress and help you make more money, working with us than you trying to go alone.

It is your Super after all, you would be wanting to get the decision correct at the outset, you would agree!!"

 ... quoted by Stephen Lazar director

High Yield Investment Property

High Yield Investment Property for improved retirement Lifestyle

Higher Yield Property advantageous to your SMSF  :

NDIS Property  click here for more

SIL Homes  click here for more

Dual Key Houses

Duplex Houses

Location(s) to suit your SMSF investment  :

Share with us your preferred location(s) and why, and or invite us to share with you a tried and tested strategy of "matching the location to suit your purpose for the investment, your investment strategy, in line with your budget". Following this strategy will help you take improved control over your future financial destiny. 

SMSF Property

SMSF Property Advice

Why set up a SMSF?

Did you know "Long term industry super funds return an average of only 7% pa less fees for the benefit" ... ouch!


The ATO recently published data showing that an average SMSF outperforms corporate, industry and retail funds 4 times out of six.

People who choose to take control of their own Super Destiny are achieving better returns than those who choose to remain in an industry fund ... why wouldn't you set up your own SMSF?

You are aware that industry funds include annual fees, but did you know that industry funds who invest on the back of other managed funds are paying those fund managers fees on your money being invested there. No wonder the return on your investment is so low.

Your fund manager is largely anonymous to you, where he chooses to ultimately place your hard earned funds is out of your control. Check out your superannuation statement and I am sure you have come to the conclusion that you can do a far better job yourself!

Close to 30,000 SMSF's are being set up per annum in Australia because people just like you want an element of control and choice of where your hard earned monies are going to be invested in your own Self Managed Super Fund which ultimately is your retirement destiny. You would have to agree!

With over 9% of your salary going into your retirement planning ask yourself "who is in control of my super destiny, who is making my choices for me and how is my own money being invested?"


Take Control

  • Choice of Asset Class you prefer to invest in
  • Take control of your own Super destiny by controlling how your own money is invested
  • Opportunity to plan your investment strategy to suit your own retirement goals
  • Ability to diversify your investments in your SMSF
  • Understand what they are and take control of outgoing fees
  • Become more hands on in managing your own finances effectively
  • Roll your own super balance into your own SMSF
  • Having up to 4 members allows for succession planning of Super Monies down the family line
  • All contributions into your SMSF are taxed at only 15% saving you tax if you took the funds in your personal capacity
  • On choosing to invest in a property you have the ability to borrow funds and leverage your retirement planning by up to 80%

Why Borrow to Invest in Property in a SMSF ?


The power of leverage

SMSF Property

  • The power of Compound Interest is Significant in maximising the return on your Investment
  • The power of being able to borrow up to 80% of the value of the property enables you to
  • Example of leveraging on a property value of $500,000
    • Invest only 20% = $100k
    • Achieve Capital Growth on 100% of the asset of $500,000
    • If capital growth is a consistent 5% per annum, your $500,000 will grow to $814,448 in 10 years
      • If only your $100k was working for you this would return only $163,000
      • A significant difference of $651,448 or 49.9%
  • Your tenant will co-contribute towards your retirement savings plan

Hey! I am first heading line feel free to change me

Tip : Would you rather the bank and your tenant did the heavy lifting for you and return you around $800,000 over 10 years or only $163k over the same investment period?

SMSF Property Options

SMSF Single Contract Property

"properT network have over 16 years industry experience, with providers and suppliers, of quality Investment Grade Residential Property, Australia wide, at your disposal. What this means to you is that we will guarantee to save you time and help you make more money when you use our services."

SMSF Property

SMSF Property Strategy


Property Categories

House and Land  -  Townhouses  -   Townhomes  -  Terrace  -  Duplex Homes  -  Dual Key Homes  -  Units  -  Apartments - NDIS Property - SDA Property, SIL Homes ... new and off the plan

"We guarantee to save you time, stress and help you make more money, working with us than you trying to go alone.

It is your Super after all, you would be wanting to get the decision correct at the outset, you would agree!!"

 ... quoted by Stephen Lazar director

High Yield Investment Property

High Yield Investment Property for improved retirement Lifestyle

Higher Yield Property advantageous to your SMSF  :

NDIS Property  click here for more

SIL Homes  click here for more

Dual Key Houses

Duplex Houses

Location(s) to suit your SMSF investment  :

Share with us your preferred location(s) and why, and or invite us to share with you a tried and tested strategy of "matching the location to suit your purpose for the investment, your investment strategy, in line with your budget". Following this strategy will help you take improved control over your future financial destiny. 

SMSF Legal Requirements

SMSF Investment Strategy Legal Requirements


One of the benefits of having your own Self Managed Super Fund is giving yourself control of how your own funds for retirement are being invested.

You may be aware that as a trustee of your own SMSF, you are required by law, to prepare an investment strategy. You have the freedom to choose which asset classes your SMSF invests into, or how you want to diversify these fund’s investment, as long as your strategy complies to regulation.

Your SMSF investment strategy is then the detailed and documented financial plan created by the trustee(s) of the fund.

NB : According to the Superannuation Industry Supervision (SIS) Act here the trustee of the SMSF has a duty to select which assets are invested into for the SMSF. The trustee is also responsible for monitoring the performance of any investments and also to review the strategy on a regular basis to ensure the fund is meeting its objectives. The trustee is also accountable for the ongoing management of the funds invested for an on behalf of the SMSF.

Costs : When considering an investment strategy the trustee must project and take into consideration the cash flow requirements of the fund. Your SMSF will need to have sufficient cash flow to cover any anticipated costs arising such as : Administration fees, Tax payments, Legal fees, Accountants and Auditor Fees, Insurance, Fee for advice / service etc.

Audit : Every SMSF is required to undergo an independent annual audit, which is designed to review the investments within the fund.

The audit will check that any investments chosen are in line with the investment strategy that was created and also ensure whether the management and administration of the SMSF remains compliant with the regulations set out under section 35C of the Superannuation Industry Supervisory Act 1993 here



Diversification of SMSF Assets

Before deciding on an investment into any particular asset class, it’s important to take into account, the risk involved and the likely return that can be anticipated from any planned investments. Your financial planner should provide advice on diversification of the assets type and level of risk the varying asset class could pose in minimising the exposure of risk to your SMSF. (your problem is that most financial planners are not licensed to give advice on property! They will often try ensure you keep your funds under their management.)

Diversification means spreading the fund’s investments across a range of different asset classes and types in an effort to reduce the potential volatility of returns on investments. Depending on how many years to retirement, how much money is in the fund and a range of other elements taken into consideration whilst strategising the most prudent ways to ensuring a successful retirement.

Funds can be apportioned to include investments into: Residential Property, Commercial Property, Shares, Equities, Managed Funds, Cash, Jewellery, Art, Term Deposits etc.

Re-visit your SMSF investment strategy on a regular basis to ensure performance is being achieved as you expected and make adjustments where necessary.



Buying Property in SMSF

NB: in general, very few properties lend themselves to being Investment Grade, and in a SMSF even fewer. Ensure you get your investment choice correct from the outset!

You can purchase an investment property (Residential or Commercial) in your Self-Manged Super Fund.

Purchase outright using cash or invest the required deposit for your investment and maximise your potential through leverage by borrowing the remainder of the funds through a limited recourse loan.

Trustee Responsibility : Your SMSF investment strategy needs to ensure the ability of the SMSF to discharge any of the fund’s liabilities, including repaying limited resource loans for property investment. As Trustee you can enter into a Principal + Interest Loan or an Interest Only Loan, discuss with your financial planner which strategy best suits your overall investment strategy for the SMSF.

The loan is then funded through Rental Income and any shortfall through members contributions to the SMSF. It is thus imperative that an appropriate Investment Property is selected, meaning one which stacks up by the numbers and not your emotion.

A property with a higher rental yield will thus make sound investment sense over a property with a lower rent + ongoing maintenance issues etc.

Where there are borrowings on residential :

  • a separate entity is set up usually referred to as a Bare Trust in which the property is held for as long as there is a loan over that property
  • if a residential property you are not able to renovate the property (aside from minor repairs)
  • cannot enter into two separate contracts such as one on the Land and another on the Build of the house
  • can buy Off the Plan
  • ask your financial planner about other areas to be aware of


Tip : A prudent investment strategy might be utilising the power of Leverage where you invest your 20% or 30% deposit and secure a loan on the balance. This way you are getting the bank to do a large part of your heavy lifting for you, and you now have only 20% of your SMSF funds invested, whilst the opportunity of Capital Growth is on 100% of the asset value.

Example Property Value $650k, invest $100k but Capital Growth is on full $650k (where in non leveraged situations only the money you have invested is working for you).


See investment strategy here

What is your SMSF investment strategy?

High Yield Investment Property for Super

Hey! I am first heading line feel free to change me


Which Properties are Investment Grade and better suited to my SMSF investment strategy?

Which propety suits a SMSF



As you may be aware, not all properties are created equal!


What this means to you is that only a small percentage of properties available make for a sound Investment for you.


In a SMSF one needs to also take into consideration the following (this is NOT tax advice) :

    • A SMSF is taxed at a maximum rate of only 15%
    • Most SMSF's earn very little income from their investments
    • Meaning one can only deduct expenses against a taxable income, and in your SMSF, the only income will come from rent or interest / dividends, which are the funds not invested in your property
    • The result is that most of your outgoings will not be deductible, and therefore your gearing (negative cash flow) could be a lot higher than if you owned the property outside of Super


It thus makes Investment Sense, to buy a Property with a Higher Rental Yield, which is in a Capital Growth Location !


What this means to the astute investor wanting to take advantage of all the other benefits of Investing in a Property in Super is :

  1. It makes financial sense to secure a property in a sound location where the Rental Yields are higher
  2. The higher the rent, the more improved your overall, end benefit, Retirement Savings will be
  3. The property may not be where you live, which is OK as it should be viewed purely as an 'investment vehicle'
  4. If you can secure a property which meets your investment strategy, with a higher rental yield + capital growth, this is first prize for your SMSF and ultimately for your retirement lifestyle



See table below for demonstration purposes only clearly demonstrating how a higher rental yield will positively effect the end benefit the outcome of your Super

Comparing Rental Yields in a SMSF[The above is calculated using the following : 5.5% interest only; 20% deposit; $10k contributions to SMSF; Including (management fees, insurance, rates, body corp etc); Including (depreciation benefits); 5% capital growth, 3% inflation - once again for demonstration purposes only to give you the general idea that a higher rental yield positively effects the outcome of your retirement planning]


"Not all properties are created equal nor suited to a SMSF !"


Based on the above examples it makes financial sense to identify which property is more suited to a SMSF, which will return you a higher return on your investment, and in a location with capital growth opportunity ... you will agree. This could mean an extra $1 000 000 (1m $'s) more at retirement for you and your family.



"Live the life you deserve and want for yourself!"



Ask us where we have identified properties to suit SMSF investment strategies, complete the form below ?


Retirement in a ball

Comments or questions are welcome.

* indicates required field


SMSF Property Consultants

SMSF Property

How to Take Control of your own Super Destiny to reach your own Financial Goals Faster


Free : SMSF + Property Consultation ?

The team under properT network will demonstrate how investing in an Investment Grade property in Super, will positively benefit you and your family's retirement; answer your questions, and direct you to a preferred professional to draft your Investment Strategy and set up a legally compliant Self Managed Super Fund.


Investing in an Investment Grade SMSF Property can give you :

  • Control over how your super funds are being invested
  • Choice and flexibility of what to invest in to maximise your returns
  • Whilst electing to remain in a Risk Profile to suit your strategy for the SMSF
  • Maximising tax advantages where available, thus adding further financial gain to your SMSF
  • Increase revenue helping you to more easily reach your financial goals, perhaps in a quicker time frame
  • Demonstrating how making the use of  the power of Leverage, can assist in accelerating your financial planning strategy, that much quicker



Not all Property is Investment Grade !

How to plan to potentially Maximise your Return on Investment in your SMSF


  • Choosing the 'right' property. Know how to identify which type of property makes sound investment sense
    • Meaning which investment property will best serve as an investment vehicle, which will maximise your return on investment
    • A very small percentage of properties are suited to SMSF's - do you know how to identify which?
  • Remove Emotion. The property is merely an Investment Vehicle.  Chose wisely to help you reach your financial goals effectively
    • Emotion will guarantee you a lower return on investment, it is inevitable that one will make a comfortable investment decision in line with your emotions
    • When the property is viewed purely as the investment vehicle, devoid of emotion, you will then make a challenged and an informed decision
  • Identifying a property which will :
    • Offer Capital Growth potential
    • Be in a location with a low vacancy rate
    • And an already higher rental yield
      • The higher the rental yield, the higher the end SMSF value, for your retirement
  • Leverage to maximise your investment potential
    • Example - property value $650k, invest $130k deposit, borrow the balance
      • Capital Growth is achieved on the full $650k
      • Meaning your $130k deposit is working that much harder for you
  • Heavy Lifting in growing your wealth?
    • Either you can do the 'heavy lifting' by investing all your super funds (paying cash)
    • OR you can take advantage of the power of Leverage and get the bank and your tenant to do most the heavy lifting for you
      • The more the bank will lend you and the higher the rental income, the stronger the potential benefit for your SMSF will be
      • Maximise the magic of Compounding Investment Returns



What should you consider when looking for that Investment Property in your Self Managed Super Fund


  • Location
    • Not all locations are equal. Review the property fundamentals which will underpin and support your investment over the next 7 to 10 years
    • Sound and continued infrastructure investment by government and industry attract population growth. Population growth increases demand for property to own or rent. this in turn increases capital growth and rental yields
    • Be prepared to remove emotions and perhaps look outside of where you live, when searching out that 'best fit' investment property
    • Research. Undertake research and due diligence when identifying or reviewing location
    • Being able to drive past your property, or 'knowing' the area where you live, does not necessarily make it a sound investment choice


  • Capital Growth potential
    • Which locations have strong infrastructure investment, creating new jobs, attracting population growth
    • Which locations are soundly underpinned by required market fundamentals
    • Where is industry investing
    • Where is the government investing
    • Both creating new jobs
    • Attracting population growth
    • Where demand is high and supply is low


  • Rent
    • Different residential property types offer different yields. Which investment property are ideally suited to SMSF investment Strategies?
    • Some locations offer lower rental yields whilst others higher rental yields. SMSF property requires higher yields to perform effectively
    • If you can find a location where you can achieve both Capital Growth + Sound Rental Yields, you will accelerate your financial planning goals more effectively
    • Why settle on a lower rental yield, because you think you know a suburb, or investing nearby, because you can feel and touch your investment?
    • Rent increases compound over the period of ownership, take advantage of the factor of compounding returns
    • Starting off on a lower rental base, will compound far lower, than starting off a higher rental base, which will compound far quicker




Compounding Returns on your Investment


  • Maximise your return on investment through the Power of Compounding your investment returns
  • If your Capital Growth return on investment is 7% on average
    • Starting off a lower investment base of say $400, 000 will generate you $786,860 over ten years
    • OR starting off on a higher base of $500,000 will generate you $983,575 over ten years
      • Where would you prefer to be?
      • that is a difference of almost $200,000 better off over 10 years by making an informed decision
      • and the difference to you is a mere $10k of investment =  the 10% deposit
  • If your Rental Yield return on investment grows by 3% on average
    • Starting off a lower base of say $350 pw, will generate you $208,638 over ten years
    • OR starting off on a higher base of $450 pw, will generate you $268,252 over ten years
      • Where would you prefer to be?
      • that is a difference of almost $60,000 better off over 10 years by making an informed decision


See how the numbers which drive and underpin your SMSF investment property may work clicking here



Market knowledge is essential to identify which investment property is 'best suited' to ensuring a sound return on your investment. This is an acquired skill. Do you have what it takes or would you prefer to leave this up to an industry expert such as properT network who will effectively guide you!


"When you don't know what it is that you don't know, that you don't know" ... how can you make an informed investment decision ?


"Market knowledge is essential to identify which investment property is 'best suited' to ensuring a sound return on your investment. This is an acquired skill. Do you have what it takes or would you prefer to leave this up to an industry expert such as properT network who will effectively guide you!"



SMSF Property


properT network

Help our clients source Investment Grade property Australia wide

SMSF Property

 SMSF Property Queensland, South East Queensland and Brisbane

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SMSF Property Victoria, Regional Melbourne and Melbourne

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Demand for Property in Regional Centres Increases

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Other Locations

Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra or share your preferred location with us.

properT network access Investment Grade Property, suited to SMSF strategy Australia wide.


Our strength is in sourcing property suited to your preferences, investment strategy, purpose for the investment, in line with your budget and matching a selection of best fit property to meet these requirements, head on!


What is the budget for your investment property in your Super?
List the preferred location(s) if you have and other requirements you have for the investment. Please be as detailed and specific as possible to allow us to further understand your investment goals, purpose and objectives.


Needs Analysis


Understanding who you are and the purpose of your investment, what your retirement goals are, the type of investment vehicle you are wanting.

If it is a property what do you want the investment to achieve for you?

Location preferred or open to discussion?  What is your investment budget, when do you want ownership, the type of property etc?

Introduction to a SMSF Financial Planner


All SMSF's require a formulated financial plan the SMSF will be guided by in order to be compliant.

If you have your own financial planner that is OK, we will liaise with them through you, to ensure all is structured correctly and that the Super can borrow money and own an investment property.


Introduction to a SMSF Accountant


If your SMSF is not set up, we can introduce you to an Accountant who will help you set up the correct structure, to meet your legal requirements.

Where there will be borrowings, a Bare Trust is required, in which the property will be held, whilst there is a loan in place.

Your SMSF requires an annual audit, the accountant will ensure this happens for your SMSF to remain complient.

Introduction to Mortgage Broker who is SMSF proficient


We have access to a team of SMSF Mortgage Brokers we will introduce you to, whose specialty is SMSF and borrowings in Super.

SMSF is a specialty field, requiring a proficient Mortgage Broker, to work with you in getting the loan approved for your SMSF.

Your SMSF may require borrowings, to leverage into the investment and the property needs to settle on time, our brokers understand this pressure.

SMSF Property
SMSF Loans

NB : Selection of Investment Property to suit your SMSF strategy


Very few Properties are Investment Grade, and even less well suited to SMSF Investment!

Helping you source a 'best fit' property, to match your goals and requirements, for your SMSF is our strength.

properT network undertake market research on a daily basis 24 x 7 across Australia, having our finger continually on the pulse, nationwide.

Understanding your requirements in the above needs analysis, will guide us in putting a selection of 'best fit' properties in front of you, saving you time and allowing your SMSF to make more money.

We will also give you sufficient information based on our market research and our own due diligence, to assist you in coming to an informed Investment Decision.

We invite you to undertake your own investigation and due diligence, to ensure your research ties in with ours, so you can come to this informed investment decision.

Getting your investment right from the outset is of paramount importance you would agree?

Introduction to Solicitor


On selecting a particular property from one of our recommendations, you would need to present the Contract to a Solicitor for review, to understand what you are committing to on behalf of your SMSF.

We will introduce you to a solicitor who will review the contracts, offer advice, and also attend settlement of the property on your behalf.

It is advisable to have any legal contract reviewed by a professional, before signing it.


Introduction to a service offering Final Inspections prior to Handover


If it is a new build, at time of completion, we can introduce you to a professional services company to undertake your Final Inspections, reviewing any issues requiring rectification, ensuring qualified HandOvers are effected, offering you peace of mind.

It makes sense you take up 2 inspections, the first for identification of what needs to be sorted and the 2nd to ensure these issues have been made good and ready the property for your tenants occupation.

Introduction to qualified Rental Managers


During settlement period, we introduce you to Rental Managers in the area, who will effectively rent out and manage your investment property for you.

Prep the rental manager to be ready to advertise when the property settles, saving time means a quick tenancy and cash flow into your pocket.

As you are essentially providing the agent with a 'job', it is imperative that you interview them to ensure you are satisfied with them and their services they provide.

This is your asset, after all and needs to be managed accordingly.


Carefully crafted elements coming together into an all encompassing service

Saving you time, stress and money compared to trying to do it yourself

SMSF Property Investment Strategies

If you want more at Retirement to live the life you deserve and want ...

One needs to rise above ones current level of comfort and make a challenged decision, to get improved results!

When we make comfortable decisions in life, we keep getting the same results.

Have you ever noticed this?

So to get new results, we step outside of our current comfort zone, seek out help and education, for the purpose of coming to an informed decision, which will give us new results!

Investing using our Super Monies requires new thinking and challenged decision making.

New thinking will increase your opportunity of creating more $'s for yourself at retirement.

Our Purpose, Process and your Payoff ...

Carefully crafted elements come together into one amazing service.

Guaranteed to save you Time, Stress and Money in doing it yourself!


Get to know you, and you getting to know like and trust us

Sharing with you who we are, how we work and how our clients benefit from working with us

Understand your goals & objectives for the Investment Property

What is your "why",  your purpose and reasons you want to secure investment property"

Have you spoken to a Financial Planner or an Accountant?

What have they shared with you .. what is your current thinking?


The Property

What type of property are you wanting to invest in?

House, Townhouse or Apartment

Existing Property

or Off the Plan


Will you be using the power of Leverage?

How much deposit do you have in your super that you want to use for your investment?

How much can you borrow?

Have you spoken to a Mortgage Broker yet?

OR will you be paying cash for the property?


Cash Flow

Do you want to be Cash Flow Negative?

or Cash Flow Positive whilst building your Wealth?



When do you want to have Ownership or the property to be completed to fit in with your financial planning goals"

"Location is an all important aspect, what locations do you not want the investment property to be in?

Or are you open to discussing location to suit your purpose, budget and requirement for the investment?


Market Research

At properT network we undertake our Market Research 24/7, have been doing so for 16 years, ensuring our due diligence stacks up to meet your own requirements

When we know what you are wanting, we source and present a selection of properties which best fit your 'why'

Provide you with reports & market information that adequately support the reasons why these properties tick an astute investors boxes

Invite you to undertake your own due diligence against what we have shared

Ask that in reply, you come back to us with your reasons why what we have shared does not tick your boxes or why they do, so that we have a clear understanding of your thinking

We encourage you to being open to being challenged as are we open to being challenged

We invite your questions and encourage your full transparency in sharing your thinking or sharing other property you are considering

All for the purpose of you coming to an informed investment decision, saving you time and helping you improve your opportunity of making more money for your SMSF

When we have a detailed understanding of the above and more,

only then will we offer recommendation and discuss location etc,

after which we will go to market and source properties

which 'best fit' the purpose for your investment

that meets your budget and yield you want and need

whilst avoiding squeezing the Wrong Property into your budget!

A small Percentage of Property is Investment Grade

even a lower percentage is suited to a SMSF

How would you know which is a 'best fit'?

Share in our 16 years experience as Consultants in this exciting industry of all things Property Investment



properT network invite you to take advantage of our 16 years as professionals in the Property Space

... and prior to that, our 15 years experience as Financial Planners

which we gave up 16 years ago as the products just did not suit our clients profile.

We have always owned and invested in property, and understand how the numbers which drive and underpin this incredible investment vehicle work.

Our strength is matching your requirements, budget, purpose for the investment etc, to a selection of 'best fit' Investment Grade, investment properties; and share our reasons why this selection makes investment sense. After which you undertake your own due diligence, share your thinking, questions and feedback which we will then discuss to assist you in coming to an informed investment decision.


"Our philosophy centered on client relationships"

Our philosophy is centered on placing you first at all times in growing our relationship


  • Get to know you, understand your needs, investment objectives, concerns then provide customised solutions to suit.
  • properT network is a professional flexible Investment Property Strategy group, working with clients like you to fulfill your needs for your SMSF.
  • We achieve an understanding who you are; what your preferred investment strategy is; the type of property you are wanting. We then source a selection of properties, which best match your goals, and present supporting information on why these properties are a 'best fit' for you.
  • We undertake our due diligence into the Australian property market 24/7, and share with you which locations, and which properties in those locations, 'best fit' your own goals. Saving you time, stress and helping you make more money.
  • We encourage you to undertake your own due diligence based on what we share with you, and come to an informed decision. Whether that be a no or a yes; so long as you can make an informed decision.

"Is that fair?"

Investment Planning Process


The investment planning process begins with the Discovery Meeting, where we focus on "what is important about money and investment to you?" Our objective is to understand your personal goals, feelings, values, current financial situation and interests and where you hope to be by when.

Ultimately, our mutual objective is to make sure we are a 'good fit' to ensure a successful relationship.

We employ a disciplined process to develop strategic investment solutions to meet your needs, because planning for your own future can be daunting.

We assess your situation with empathy and the utmost of care; getting to know you and your requirements, and only then providing what could be a solution designed to help you reach your goals.

This step may involve collaboration with other specialists, as well as working in concert with your existing advisors. To build a comprehensive strategy that is focused on you and your financial goals.

With the 'heavy lifting' done, we will work with you to implement your customised strategy. This involves the selection of specific investment vehicles, best suited for your portfolio strategy. Your strategy will be predicated on the core investing principles of diversification* and the critical importance of managing risk.

A key to this step is your involvement in the process of communication of any significant changes in your life.

Assuring you of our prompt, professional and personal attention at all times, now and into the future, as and when you continue to expand your Investment Portfolio.

Yours Sincerely

Stephen Lazar

Director @ properT network

Mob : 0413 108 125


We invite you to use our 15 years of financial planning experience plus 16 years as professionals in this property space as consultants, to save you time, and help you make more money - we strive to remain sensitive to your needs, placing you first.

Your ongoing success is our goal.




Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

Please take note :

IMPORTANT NOTICE –  Read our Privacy Policy here and DISCLAIMER & LIMITATIONS below

properT network are not Financial Planners or Accountants and are in no way providing professional advice as financial planners or accountants. All our information shared comes from industry reports and expertise to be verified by your accountant or financial planner. Our role is to understand your requirements and provide you with a selection of property which might 'best fit' what you are looking for. Your role is to undertake your own due diligence and seek legal, accounting or financial planning advice from one of our preferred providers or your own.

  1. properT is not providing any recommendation, representation or guarantee in any way whatever concerning the Property or concerning any possible return of capital or interest should you determine to contract with the vendor of the Property. While properT has carried out limited investigations & inquiries concerning the Property, properT makes NO representation as to the accuracy or completeness of those investigations.
  2. properT makes no warranty or representation & assumes no responsibility or liability in respect of your reservation or in any way if you determine to purchase the Property. You are strongly advised to make your own enquiries, investigations & assessment concerning the Project & the risks & benefits of purchasing the Property from the Vendor.
  3. You should obtain your own independent legal, accounting & financial advice concerning purchasing an apartment/property from the Vendor of the Project before signing any contract with the Vendor of the Property.
  4. Any information you may receive about the Property is of a general nature & NOT tailored to your individual financial, taxation or personal circumstances. (Including any figures & or financials shared with you prior to signing the contract of sale).
  5. properT is not a registered financial planning organisation and in no way offering financial advice. Information gleaned from our website should not be regarded as a substitute for professional advice (Financial, Real Estate, Investment, Legal, Accounting etc.). We enjoy working as a part of your existing financial plan you have had drafted with your financial planner and or accountant. proper-T will help you diversify your investment vehicle to help you achieve different results. We present you with a selection of properties that we identify as opportunities that will help you move closer to your financial goals in the current economic climate we are in and walk you through the decision making process supporting your choice. properT are not vendors and represent the Investor / Purchaser at all times. We do not have any interests in the properties we represent and are remunerated by the developer or by the company representing the developer. We enjoy open and honest communications from us to you and we expect you to honour this privilege by sharing honest and open communications with us at all times.
  6. Because each individuals personal circumstances are different, information provided by properT cannot be construed as generic advice for your particular circumstances; we share in our ideas and our recommendations which are to be used as a guide only.
  7. We believe that all information contained on our web site is up to date and accurate in its presentation and no warranty is made as to the accuracy and or reliability of the information contained herein.
  8. properT disclaims all liability and responsibility for any direct or indirect loss or damage which may occur or be suffered by any recipient through relying on anything contained and or omitted from or any of our other sites
  9. Risks of investing in property:

    Direct investment in residential property, like all investments, involves a number of risks. If these eventuate, your income might be lower than expected. There may even be none. In addition, the capital value of your investment could fall.

  10. The key risks of investing in property are outlined below:
    • The property purchased may not provide the income or capital gains the asset was expected to produce.
    •  There is a risk that your property may for periods of time lie vacant & hence not generate income. Maintenance & repair costs are the investor’s responsibility, can vary at times be significant. Such costs are sometimes recoverable from rental bonds or under insurance policies.
    • There are a number of factors that affect the general property market including increases in supply & falls in demand; the cyclical nature of property values; increases in taxes & operating expenses; overall economic conditions; demographic changes; changes in town planning laws; casualty & condemnation losses; environmental risks; regulation on rents; detrimental new developments in the area; increases in interest rates, inflation & changes to bank funding policies.
    •  Gearing increases the volatility in the value of your investment. In the early stages of residential investment, a significant fall in the property’s value may see balances fall to less than the total amount of borrowings. Increases in interest rates often increase the cost of borrowings.
    •  Changes in laws or their interpretations including taxation, superannuation & corporate regulatory laws, practice & policy could have an impact on your investment.
    • You should seek professional tax advice before investing in residential property.

After reading our disclaimer, we prefer to work on a more personal one on one basis with you in firstly understanding your objectives, followed up with clarification and education then in helping you identify a suitable selection of what we determine is ‘best fit’ propertunities that will meet your investment strategy you share with us.

Enjoy your visit to our website and you might also chose to visit our sister sites being : ; ; ; ; for information pertinent to the Australian property Investment market.

Thanking you for firstly visiting with us and secondly for taking the time to read through the necessary Legal side of business. Have a great day!!

Looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship!!

SMSF Property Consultants

The purpose is to discover your purpose for the investment, your requirements, likes, dislikes, budget and more.

Then to share more about us and how we can benefit you in saving you time, stress and educate you so you can make more money.

Our purpose is to help you come to an Informed Investment Decision, which you would want to get Correct for your SMSF from the outset, you would agree!