Retirement in a ball


“How much do I need to be able to retire in the lifestyle I want for me and my family ?”

Being prepared for your own Retirement is an ongoing commitment

Commit to yourself and start Today !

“It’s never too late to start saving.”

The power of Compound Interest


  • The earlier you start saving for retirement the easier it becomes



Take advantage of  the power :


  1. Compound Interest – phenomenal factor
  2. Leverage – borrow from the bank to accelerate your own wealth planning or even lend your own money to your SMSF
Harness the POWER of compounding interest and leverage ...

Planning for Retirement


Planning for your Retirement begins with …


    • Setting your preferred retirement age (ie. 65)
  • Working out how many years from now it is?
  • Scaring yourself into reality by multiplying this number by 12
      • i.e. 24 years to retirement x 12 months = 288 pay cheques away from retirement !!!



  • Calculate how much in today’s money would you want to live on in 288 pay days time
    • i.e. If you decide you can live on $5,000 per month
        • You would need a lump sum of $1.2 mil to generate you $60k per annum
        • Put in a buffer for inflation and plan to save $1.5 mil


  • Next calculate how much you need to invest every month in order to save $1.5 mil at your planned retirement age
    • i.e. If that is 288 pay days away you would need to save $2,800 every month in After Tax Dollars
        • Is that at all possible?  DOUBT IT !
How much do I need at Retirement
How many PAYDAYS do you have left until the day you plan to retire !??!

Investment Property


A time tested Investment Vehicle to help you accelerate your financial planning goals includes securing Investment Property


Who Pays?


  • You invest your Deposit (20% – 30%) as your contribution
  • The bank lend you the balance (70% – 80%) to leverage your Retirement Planning
  • Your tenant pays you rent and helps contribute towards your retirement
  • Capital Growth is off the full 100% of the asset (the property) even though you only invested say 20%
Use your Bank and your Tenant to help pay off a large slice of your own Retirement Planning Goals!
SMSF Property Investment

Property in Australian Capital Cities has doubled in value every 7 – 10 years
enhancing your retirement planning strategy.