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properT network is a boutique Australian property investment advisory firm. We provide comprehensive financial planning services using property as your preferred investment strategy including strategic investment advice to people like you who seek unbiased, intelligent advice and counsel.

We are responsible for the crafting of customised property investment solutions and for advising clients regarding matters related to property investment strategies, cash flow analysis, product and location selection, and performance analytics.

Our practice caters to you and your needs whilst allowing us the time needed to carefully customise our services and solutions to your requirements.

properT network has partnered with some of the leading property supply groups across Australia, to give you access to and leverage the best fit properties, locations, developers and other value added services, accountants, financial planners, loan providers, rental mangers and much more.

One Stop Shop … it’s all about You !

Needs Analysis

Getting to know you is understanding who you are, what your retirement goals are, the type of investment vehicle you are wanting. If it is a property, what do you want; what do you want it to do for you?

Where will this property be, what is your investment budget, when do you want ownership and other pertinent information important to you

Financial Planner

Introduction to a SMSF Financial Planner. All SMSF’s require a formulated financial plan the SMSF will be guided by. If you have your own financial planner that is OK, we will liaise with them through you


If your SMSF is not set up, we will introduce you to a SMSF Accountant who will help you set up the correct structure to meet your requirements for your self managed super fund

The Property

Imperative to source a ‘best fit’ property to suit your SMSF strategy as per your SMSF Investment Strategy Document

Needs Analysis0%
Financial Planner0%
Mortgage Broker0%
The Property0%

The Property

The property you select is ultimately your Investment Vehicle!

You would want to make an Informed, Astute investment decision which will alter the destiny of your Retirement you would agree.

properT network undertake market research on a daily basis 24 x 7 across Australia, we subscribe to many market resources and industry expert reviewing their advice on your behalf

By understanding your requirements in our unique Needs Analysis we will be able to provide you with a selection of ‘best fit’ properties + supporting market information as to why these properties have been recommended

This information is based on our market research and our own due diligence

We invite you to undertake your own investigation and due diligence to ensure your research ties in with ours

We are deliberately set up to work with you so that you can come to an informed decision; whether this decision is a no or a yes

On selecting a particular property from one of our recommendations you would need to present the Contract to a Solicitor for review

We have a panel of solicitors who will review the contract and also attend the settlement of the property on behalf of your Self Managed Super Fund

During settlement, we introduce you to our panel of Rental Managers in the area who will effectively rent out and manage your property for you

  • Needs Analysis

    Getting to know YOU and your Retirement Plans

  • SMSF Financial Planner

    Required to put in place your SMSF Investment Strategy

  • SMSF Accountant

    Correctly set up your SMSF structure

  • SMSF Mortgage Broker

    Securing the correct loan

  • SMSF Property

    The Investment Vehicle to drive your Retirement Plans

  • Solicitor

    Review contracts and attend settlement

  • Final Inspection

    Introduction to professionals to inspect the property

  • Rental Manager

    Selection of Rental Managers to rent out & manage the property

  • Depreciation Schedule

    Required for tax purposes

  • SMSF Auditor

    Your SMSF requires an annual audit

@ properT network our only expectation of you …

Share your goals and thinking with us.
Do your own research on the back of what we recommend and share with you.
Come to an informed decision!

During the process you will have questions and feedback; share them with us.

Keep the communication channel open; after all we are working with you

Share your thinking with us that allowed you to come to your decision whether it is a no or a yes

We are on your side in helping you come to an informed investment decision; we know just how important this is

You will be investing a significant amount and would want to get it right

Return our calls, we invest a lot of time and do a significant amount of work for you

It is only fair that in return you reply to our emails and return our calls

Is that reasonable to ask?

… all very realistic and easy requirements you will agree!

Designed to help you effectively reach your own goals

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