How to Take Control of your own Super Destiny to reach your own Financial Goals Faster


Free : SMSF + Property Consultation ?

The team under properT network can demonstrate how investing in a property in Super will benefit you and your family; answer your questions and direct you to a preferred professional to draft your Investment Strategy and set up a legally compliant Self Managed Super Fund

Investing in a well matched Property in Super can give you :

  • Control over how your super funds are being invested
  • Choice and flexibility of what to invest in to maximise your returns
  • Whilst electing to remain in a Risk Profile to suit your strategy for the SMSF
  • Maximising tax advantages where available thus adding further gain to your SMSF
  • Looking to increase revenue helping you to more easily reach your financial goals, perhaps in a quicker time frame
  • Demonstrating how making the use of Leverage can assist in accelerating your financial planning strategy that much quicker


Not all investment properties are created equal !



How to plan to potentially maximise your Return on Investment in your SMSF


  • Choosing the ‘right’ property. Identify which type of property makes sound investment sense
    • Meaning which investment property is best served as an investment vehicle which will maximise your return on investment
    • A very small percentage of properties are suited to SMSF’s – do you know which?
  • Remove Emotion. The property is merely an Investment Vehicle chosen to help you reach your financial goals effectively
    • When viewed through emotion, it is inevitable that one will make the wrong investment decision
    • When the property is viewed purely as the investment vehicle, you will then make an informed decision
  • Identifying a property which will
    • Offer Capital Growth potential
    • Be in a location with a low vacancy rate and an already higher rental yield
      • The higher the rental yield the more end retirement value for your SMSF
  • Leverage to maximise your investment potential
  • Heavy Lifting in growing your wealth?
    • Either you can do the ‘heavy lifting’ by investing all your super funds (paying cash)
    • OR you can take advantage of the power of Leverage and get the bank and your tenant to do most the heavy lifting for you
      • The more the bank will lend you and the higher the renal income the stronger the higher the potential benefitĀ  for your SMSF to maximise the magic of Compounding Investment Returns



Market knowledge is essential!


What should you consider when looking for that Investment Property in your Self Managed Super Fund


  • Location
    • Not all locations are equal. Review the property clock and identify which location is shifting towards Capital Growth
    • Be prepared to remove emotions and perhaps look outside of where you live when searching out that ‘best fit’ investment property
    • Research. Undertake research and due diligence when identifying or reviewing location
    • Being able to drive past your property does not necessarily make it a sound investment choice
  • Capital Growth potential
    • Property Clock. Which locations are currently undervalued
    • Which locations are soundly underpinned by market fundamentals
    • Where is industry investing
    • Where is the government investing
    • Both creating new jobs
    • Attracting population growth
    • Where demand is high and supply is low
  • Rent
    • Some locations offer lower rental yields whilst others higher rental yields
    • If you can find a location where you can achieve both Capital Growth + Sound Rental Yields you will accelerate your financial planning goals
    • Why settle on a lower rental yield because you think you know a suburb or investing next door because you can feel and touch your investment?
    • Rent increases compound over the period of ownership, take advantage of the factor of compounding
      • Starting off on a lower rental base will compound far lower than starting off a higher rental base




Not all investment properties are created equal !



Compounding Returns on your Investment


  • Maximise your return on investment through the Power of Compounding your investment returns
  • If your Capital Growth return on investment is 7% on average
    • Starting off a lower base of say $400, 000 will generate you $786,860 over ten years
    • OR starting off on a higher base of $500,000 will generate you $983,575 over ten years
      • Where would you prefer to be?
      • that is a difference of almost $200,000 better off over 10 years by making an informed decision
  • If your Rental Yield return on investment grows by 3% on average
    • Starting off a lower base of say $350 pw, will generate you $208,638 over ten years
    • OR starting off on a higher base of $450 pw, will generate you $268,252 over ten years
      • Where would you prefer to be?
      • that is a difference of almost $60,000 better off over 10 years by making an informed decision



Take advantage of the power of Compound Interest to grow and secure your wealth !





“Market knowledge is essential to identify which investment property is ‘best suited to ensuring a sound return on your investment. This is an acquired skill. Do you have what it takes or would you prefer to leave this up to an industry expert such as properT network who will effectively guide you!”



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