I have several questions on SMSF and Borrowing Money to buy Property in Super

SMSF Puzzle $

I am interested in finding out more about

  • how much can I borrow in super to buy a property?
  • what deposit do I need to secure my property?
  • how much should I have in super to be able to buy a property?
  • the best loan?
  • should I borrow from the bank or lend my SMSF the money?
  • should I pay cash or take out a loan and leverage my investment value?
  • who should I talk to about getting a loan in my Self Managed Super Fund?
  • what security can the bank ask for when taking out a loan in super?
  • other questions .... ??
What types of loans can I get for my SMSF
How much can I borrow in my SMSF
What size deposit do I need to buy property in my Super
What security do the banks ask for
Is it better to speak to a mortgage broker or the bank
Who is the best person to speak to in setting up my SMSF and borrowing money
Can I lend my super my own money
Who can I talk to about setting up a SMSF
What Property can I buy in super

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