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Brisbane & Pockets of South East Qld Tipped to be the strongest Property Market in Australia “Investing in an area with very high and growing demand improves your opportunity for strong rental yields and capital growth potential we all agree” Identifying these areas and expanding your investment potential into new geographic locations improve the opportunity […]

Sydney too expensive to Invest in? Sydney Return on Investment continues to drop, property values exceptionally high & rental yields exceptionally low as a percentage in most sought after locations in Sydney Investing in Sydney might not make investment sense to you with rental yields fallen way behind the Capital Growth as Sydney peaks in […]

Headlines and Australian Property News Long Term poor Performance of Industry Super Funds here Stamp Duty Changes in Victoria here First Home Owners Grand changes and full Blog here Effectively using 3 required Investment Principles for a Successful Investment here  

Why set up your own Self Managed Super Fund? ∇ Industry funds dismal long term (lack of) Performance : . Industry Funds results from 1996 to 2010 : . corporate funds on average provided returns of 5.84% pa industry funds 5.35% pa the public sector funds 6.30% pa and retail funds 3.66% pa . And […]