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Can a SMSF secure a new build two part contract (house and land) when there is borrowings? The answer today is “definitely yes”, if undertaken correctly using the one part contract solution we will introduce you to. Without which the answer unfortunately is a resounding No! The ruling for two part contracts states “that a […]

How to maximise your return on investment in your SMSF Are you looking for a risk mitigated, high yielding investment property, yield linked to CPI, and guaranteed for 20 years? Where you Invest say $800k to earn an income of $115k* pa, linked to CPI Whether looking for that extra income to pay down your […]

NDIS Property for a SMSF Looking for a high yield, risk mitigated investment property in your Super? Can you imagine the ideal investment with a yield of around 15%, underpinned by a property you own, in which you are doing a massive good turn by housing someone with a disability …. we call this a […]

What is SDA Property under the NDIS Scheme Stock Market too volatile to protect your Life Savings in Super? Industry and Retail Funds Performance not meeting your expectations and requirements? Wanting consistent yields of 7% to 18% or thereabouts? Looking to mitigate your investment risk profile? By answering yes to one of the above or […]