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Needs Analysis


Understanding who you are and the purpose of your investment, what your retirement goals are, the type of investment vehicle you are wanting.

If it is a property what do you want the investment to achieve for you?

Location preferred or open to discussion?  What is your investment budget, when do you want ownership, the type of property etc?

Introduction to a SMSF Financial Planner


All SMSF's require a formulated financial plan the SMSF will be guided by in order to be compliant.

If you have your own financial planner that is OK, we will liaise with them through you, to ensure all is structured correctly and that the Super can borrow money and own an investment property.


Introduction to a SMSF Accountant


If your SMSF is not set up, we can introduce you to an Accountant who will help you set up the correct structure, to meet your legal requirements.

Where there will be borrowings, a Bare Trust is required, in which the property will be held, whilst there is a loan in place.

Your SMSF requires an annual audit, the accountant will ensure this happens for your SMSF to remain complient.

Introduction to Mortgage Broker who is SMSF proficient


We have access to a team of SMSF Mortgage Brokers we will introduce you to, whose specialty is SMSF and borrowings in Super.

SMSF is a specialty field, requiring a proficient Mortgage Broker, to work with you in getting the loan approved for your SMSF.

Your SMSF may require borrowings, to leverage into the investment and the property needs to settle on time, our brokers understand this pressure.

SMSF Property
SMSF Loans

NB : Selection of Investment Property to suit your SMSF strategy


Very few Properties are Investment Grade, and even less well suited to SMSF Investment!

Helping you source a 'best fit' property, to match your goals and requirements, for your SMSF is our strength.

properT network undertake market research on a daily basis 24 x 7 across Australia, having our finger continually on the pulse, nationwide.

Understanding your requirements in the above needs analysis, will guide us in putting a selection of 'best fit' properties in front of you, saving you time and allowing your SMSF to make more money.

We will also give you sufficient information based on our market research and our own due diligence, to assist you in coming to an informed Investment Decision.

We invite you to undertake your own investigation and due diligence, to ensure your research ties in with ours, so you can come to this informed investment decision.

Getting your investment right from the outset is of paramount importance you would agree?

Introduction to Solicitor


On selecting a particular property from one of our recommendations, you would need to present the Contract to a Solicitor for review, to understand what you are committing to on behalf of your SMSF.

We will introduce you to a solicitor who will review the contracts, offer advice, and also attend settlement of the property on your behalf.

It is advisable to have any legal contract reviewed by a professional, before signing it.


Introduction to a service offering Final Inspections prior to Handover


If it is a new build, at time of completion, we can introduce you to a professional services company to undertake your Final Inspections, reviewing any issues requiring rectification, ensuring qualified HandOvers are effected, offering you peace of mind.

It makes sense you take up 2 inspections, the first for identification of what needs to be sorted and the 2nd to ensure these issues have been made good and ready the property for your tenants occupation.

Introduction to qualified Rental Managers


During settlement period, we introduce you to Rental Managers in the area, who will effectively rent out and manage your investment property for you.

Prep the rental manager to be ready to advertise when the property settles, saving time means a quick tenancy and cash flow into your pocket.

As you are essentially providing the agent with a 'job', it is imperative that you interview them to ensure you are satisfied with them and their services they provide.

This is your asset, after all and needs to be managed accordingly.


Carefully crafted elements coming together into an all encompassing service

Saving you time, stress and money compared to trying to do it yourself