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"properT network have over 16 years industry experience, with providers and suppliers, of quality Investment Grade Residential Property, Australia wide, at your disposal. What this means to you is that we will guarantee to save you time and help you make more money when you use our services."

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House and Land  -  Townhouses  -   Townhomes  -  Terrace  -  Duplex Homes  -  Dual Key Homes  -  Units  -  Apartments - NDIS Property - SDA Property, SIL Homes ... new and off the plan

"We guarantee to save you time, stress and help you make more money, working with us than you trying to go alone.

It is your Super after all, you would be wanting to get the decision correct at the outset, you would agree!!"

 ... quoted by Stephen Lazar director

High Yield Investment Property

High Yield Investment Property for improved retirement Lifestyle

Higher Yield Property advantageous to your SMSF  :

NDIS Property  click here for more

SIL Homes  click here for more

Dual Key Houses

Duplex Houses

Location(s) to suit your SMSF investment  :

Share with us your preferred location(s) and why, and or invite us to share with you a tried and tested strategy of "matching the location to suit your purpose for the investment, your investment strategy, in line with your budget". Following this strategy will help you take improved control over your future financial destiny.