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One Contract Property

"Not all property suit SMSF's, do you know which to avoid?"

Single Contract SMSF Compliant Property

When wanting to invest in a property using your SMSF and use borrowings – one may not enter into a two part contract where you buy the land and improve on the residential property. Meaning your choice of what to invest in using your SMSF have always been limited.

In steps "One Contract Property" (OCP), who sign the contracts with the land provider and the builder and enter into a single contract with you / your SMSF to provide you with a completed single contract property once built.

This is an amazing initiative allowing us to offer you the investor an incredible choice of what to invest in that could maximise your ROI for the SMSF.

Previously we would have to source a builder who was prepared to do this, and if we were lucky to find one they usually charged around $30k or so for the privilege.

 Today we have the likes of a professional and reputable firm called One Contract Property which eliminates the need to find that rare builder who might do this if they had capacity. Builders today are exceptionally busy and avoid doing this for clients as it impacts their cash flow dramatically.

OCP deserve every cent they charge your SMSF and more, for coming up with this incredible initiative which also is compliant and acceptable under SMSF rules.

If you are wanting to secure a new build whilst having an incredible choice of location, reach out to us for further discussion and if you qualify we will comfortably refer you onto OCP.

By the way, they also have access to a lender who does not have the onerous hoops a bank makes you jump through when trying to secure finance for your SMSF. And they understand the value of the property and will tend not to under value it as banks tend to do.

We can even help you access SDA Property under the NDIS for your SMSF. Incredibly high yields, ideally suited to super, outperform any other residential property yield wise, allowing you to amass more wealth in your super than you could achieve through other property. See more here and ask us here for more info.

Steps and Process

Investor requests single contract complient investment for SMSF

  • Require 35% deposit on hand
  • Have the SMSF and Bare Trust established
  • Have funds in SMSF
  • And be financially qualified to borrow to invest in the property


Selection of the Investment Grade Property

  • Find the opportunity that 'best fits' your purpose and investment strategy aligned to your budget
  • Price it to include Single Contract fees we will gather from the calculator
    • Entering both Land and Build Price into calculator to determine outcome
  • Client selects any upgrades or variations where required
    • We will enter these added fees into calculator
  • From which we will establish final single contract price
  • On agreeing, you our client proceeds to next step


Introduction to One Contract Property

  • We will refer you directly to OCP
  • After further discussion, you agree to work with OCP and submit your $5k and Expression of Interest
  • OCP then pays the EOI for the land chosen by you our client
  • They receive the land Contract
  • They receive the Build Contract
  • Then issue a Single Part Contract to you our client



  • You enter into an unconditional single part contract with OCP
  • Pay the balance of 35% deposit to OCP
  • You then supply confirmation from your external financier for 65% balance of funds to complete


One Contract Property

  • Settles purchase of the land
  • Enters Build Contract and pays 5% build deposit to builder
  • Normal build process commences
  • Progress payments made to builder as per building terms of the contract by OCP



  • Call for Final Inspection and Handover to you / your SMSF
  • One Contract Property pays final draw down to Builder
  • Your external finance releases balance of 65% of funds to OCP
  • Standard warranties transferred to client from the Builder
  • You may then be able to refinance the loan back up to 80% LVR

OCP initiates a program to ensure you the investor has a wider choice of property to invest in, using your SMSF, by turning any house and land opportunity into a Single Contract, which remains compliant in terms of SMSF investment rules around residential property. They achieve this by stepping in between your SMSF and the House and Land Contracts as explained above.



Advantages of New Property

A new property attracts a higher rental income, compared to an older one. Being new, you have very low maintenance and access to full depreciation benefits. Capital growth potential will be the same as the established home next door. Meaning the numbers for a new property over an already built second hand property, over the life of your investment will return you a higher Return on Investment compared to a second hand property.







What is the budget for your investment property in your Super?
List the preferred location(s) if you have and other requirements you have for the investment. Please be as detailed and specific as possible to allow us to further understand your investment goals, purpose and objectives.