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Although we continue to blog and educate you on the investment potential South East Queensland offers … Melbourne (primarily) and Sydney are high on our clients investment agenda (for obvious reasons) and we most certainly provide a lot of property to our clients in these Capital Cities

Property Headlines – ignore or believe?

Industry Research on factual data will clearly tell you Who to believe

So much negativity in the media. If you tell a lie often enough it begins to sound like the truth … experts advise if you are going to invest in property “Ignore the press”. If you are serious, rather look towards factual evidence and you will soon work out that there are opportunities abound to continue to grow and secure some wealth through astute property investment !

Rumours of the death of the Australian housing market are widely exaggerated,” says Craig James, Chief Economist, CommSec. Capital city home prices soared by over 10% with the latest rise of 1.6% in May 2016

Melbourne, Sydney, South East Queensland continue to demonstrate capital growth, low rental vacancies, strong rental yields with high demand.

Note : not all properties or locations are suitable for investment.

House prices continue to grow in most major cities …

… although you wouldn’t know it based on typical coverage in the media

The latest data from CoreLogic May 2016 suggests house prices generally have risen in the past 12 months in Melbourne (up 17.5%), Sydney (up 7.5%), Adelaide (up 3.3%), Hobart (up 4.0%), Brisbane (up 4.9%) and Canberra (up 1.7%)….. an annual rise of 6.6%.

Media paints the figures differently. One News Corp headline claims that “property price growth has ground to a halt”. The Australian says house price growth is “the slowest in three years”…. absolute BS!

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How to choose an Investment Location

Identify and Focus on the Fundamentals underpinning your Investment

Once you have removed the emotion it is a really simple exercise.

Invest where the Government are investing, they want a return on investment
▪ Invest where Industry invest, they are encouraged by government to the location and also want a return on investment
▪ Both Government and Industry Create new Jobs
▪ New Jobs attract Population Growth
▪ Population Growth puts upward pressure on Property Supply
▪ This increased demand increases the value of property
▪ This increased demand places further pressure on supply of Rental Dwellings
▪ Rental Yields increase under the pressure of demand
▪ Capital Growth plus very low vacancy rates and strong rental yields equates to a sound investment

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If you know a town will grow into a City & property values will surely grow. What will you do about it?

Springfield Lakes

No picture can do justice to the Investment potential

Are you aware of what is happening in South East Queensland?

Springfield Lakes (Ipswich) will grow to the size of the Brisbane CBD, on the back of an $80bn investment, a planned population of 138,000 residents and 52,000 new jobs, 2 railway stations, hospitals, schools, a Uni, Industry Head Offices, massive shopping mall and more ! Ouch, what potential and in South East Queensland’s fastest growing region!
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Sunshine Coast – both government and industry investment into infrastructure and industry is creating 32,000 new jobs (14k over past 12 months alone) on the back of $7bn dollars investment into infrastructure alone. Largest hospital in southern hemisphere, new university, airport becoming International, new town centers built in Kawana and Maroochydore and more. Population growth is immense with 330k residents growing by around 7,000 people a year needing 3,200 new dwellings pa to meet the rising demand!
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Do you know what this means to the value of property in 8, 12, 20 years time = your opportunity now! Can you see the potential?

Towns will become cities and no one can stop this progress, it is happening right now and well into the future. We invite you to undertake your own due diligence and ride the wave to creating some of your own wealth from the blatant opportunity at hand. Ask us how, where or why by clicking here


 Melbourne Investment Property1

Melbourne property continue to demonstrate Capital Growth

Melbourne planned to be Australia’s biggest city by 2050!

On the back of a very strong population growth, high employment, sound economy + historically low interest rates the demand for property in Melbourne continues through Autumn.

Melbourne median house price has broken the $700k barrier for the first time at $713k! Melbourne achieved a massive 17.1% growth for past year ending May 2016 !

Compared to Sydney, Melbourne continues to offer investors value for their investment dollar + sound rental yields. With Herron Todd White predicting Melbourne to overtake Sydney during 2016.

Inner CBD, Southbank, Docklands to be avoided for investment purposes.

Middle ring suburbs and immediate outer ring highly sought after by owner occupiers and tenants alike placing upward pressure on supply.

Suburbs such as Carnegie, Oakleigh, Bentleigh, McKinnon have been touted as fast growth suburbs with sound infrastructure, sought after schools and public transport

Other inner suburbs such as Newport, Maribyrnong, Yarraville and surrounds demonstrate high demand being affordable and close enough to the CBD

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Fact : House Prices continue to grow

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Greater Springfield

Greater Springfield

Planned for Greatness

… with 138,000 population and 1 in 3 employed within the new city!
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