What to be mindful of when investing in NDIS Property using your Super



Power of Cash Flow Positive Properties in Super


SDA Property under the NDIS is an incredible investment vehicle and can be ideally suited to your SMSF for the purpose of attracting high yields to further grow the capital within your SMSF.

BUT not so fast …

There are significant issues that you would want to and need to be VERY aware of when considering what SDA Property your SMSF would want to acquire.

We raise very important issues and criteria to ensure your Investment is risk mitigated.

SDA Property can be very complex, especially “when one does not even know what you don’t know that you don’t know!”

Yes or Yes??

So check out our video below, after which we urge you to sit back and contemplate what we have shared.

We at properT network strive to ensure our clients make informed investment decisions and our door is always open for your questions, so that you can make that important informed decision.


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