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SMSF Property Investment Strategies

If you want more at Retirement to live the life you deserve and want ...

One needs to rise above ones current level of comfort and make a challenged decision, to get improved results!

When we make comfortable decisions in life, we keep getting the same results.

Have you ever noticed this?

So to get new results, we step outside of our current comfort zone, seek out help and education, for the purpose of coming to an informed decision, which will give us new results!

Investing using our Super Monies requires new thinking and challenged decision making.

New thinking will increase your opportunity of creating more $'s for yourself at retirement.

Our Purpose, Process and your Payoff ...

Carefully crafted elements come together into one amazing service.

Guaranteed to save you Time, Stress and Money in doing it yourself!


Get to know you, and you getting to know like and trust us

Sharing with you who we are, how we work and how our clients benefit from working with us

Understand your goals & objectives for the Investment Property

What is your "why",  your purpose and reasons you want to secure investment property"

Have you spoken to a Financial Planner or an Accountant?

What have they shared with you .. what is your current thinking?


The Property

What type of property are you wanting to invest in?

House, Townhouse or Apartment

Existing Property

or Off the Plan


Will you be using the power of Leverage?

How much deposit do you have in your super that you want to use for your investment?

How much can you borrow?

Have you spoken to a Mortgage Broker yet?

OR will you be paying cash for the property?


Cash Flow

Do you want to be Cash Flow Negative?

or Cash Flow Positive whilst building your Wealth?



When do you want to have Ownership or the property to be completed to fit in with your financial planning goals"

"Location is an all important aspect, what locations do you not want the investment property to be in?

Or are you open to discussing location to suit your purpose, budget and requirement for the investment?


Market Research

At properT network we undertake our Market Research 24/7, have been doing so for 16 years, ensuring our due diligence stacks up to meet your own requirements

When we know what you are wanting, we source and present a selection of properties which best fit your 'why'

Provide you with reports & market information that adequately support the reasons why these properties tick an astute investors boxes

Invite you to undertake your own due diligence against what we have shared

Ask that in reply, you come back to us with your reasons why what we have shared does not tick your boxes or why they do, so that we have a clear understanding of your thinking

We encourage you to being open to being challenged as are we open to being challenged

We invite your questions and encourage your full transparency in sharing your thinking or sharing other property you are considering

All for the purpose of you coming to an informed investment decision, saving you time and helping you improve your opportunity of making more money for your SMSF

When we have a detailed understanding of the above and more,

only then will we offer recommendation and discuss location etc,

after which we will go to market and source properties

which 'best fit' the purpose for your investment

that meets your budget and yield you want and need

whilst avoiding squeezing the Wrong Property into your budget!

A small Percentage of Property is Investment Grade

even a lower percentage is suited to a SMSF

How would you know which is a 'best fit'?