SMSF Property

How to maximise your return on investment in your SMSF

Are you looking for a risk mitigated, high yielding investment property, yield linked to CPI, and guaranteed for 20 years?

Where you Invest say $800k to earn an income of $115k* pa, linked to CPI

Whether looking for that extra income to pay down your own home loan or create another $million in Super, helping you take control of your own retirement destiny.

Industry Funds continue to perform poorly, dramatically affecting any compound growth potential for you, and thus a far lower end value in your own Super, at the time of you wanting to retire. Long term industry super funds perform at 5% – 7% over the life of your investment. Meaning it will take you around 15 years to double your capital.

If you increased it to even 10% average, every 7.2 years your Investment Value would double!

What if you earned 15% pa, on the same monies, in a risk mitigated investment, which is linked to CPI (meaning income increases) and guaranteed for 20 years? How will this positively impact your end retirement value and thus retirement lifestyle?

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