Why buy property in your SMSF

Long Term Industry Average of Super Funds Performance is 7% ... can you save enough at this rate ? Compared to Investing in Property :
  • Invest only 20%; achieve capital growth on 100% of the Value
  • Borrow funds; take advantage of the principal of Leverage
  • Get your tenant to help contribute towards your retirement
  • Investment returns could be 12% up to 21% per annum
  • Investing in property over a 7 - 10 year period reduces risk
  • Property in Australian Capital Cities doubles in value every 7 - 10 years
What does this mean to you :Retirement Planning keyboard
  • Investing in the right property to suit a SMSF could make the difference between
    • Retiring or not retiring;
    • Between retiring in a lifestyle of your choice or one forced upon you
Take action and change the course of your Life!